What is The DMAIG Mosaic?

The DFC Mosaic is a photo mosaic built by De Fontein Coevorden. Proceeds from the mosaic will benefit the building of a new facility for De Fontein. The mosaic is made up of photos submitted by BAPOTH supporters who donate in exchange for being able to upload their photos to the interactive mosaic. Once the submission period has ended, the mosaic will remain online and will also be turned into a physical mural. The completed 8m by 4m mosaic will become a permanent part of the new facility for De Fontein and will be hung at the main entrance to say ‘Welcome Home’ to everyone who enters.

What is De Fontein Coevorden?

De Fontein Coevorden is a contemporary, growing church that wants to make a difference in their city and the world, because we believe that with Jesus all things are possible!

From welcoming of seekers to sending out of teams to plant new churches and help other churches around the world; from organising of inspiring meetings for young and old to giving of groceries to a family in crisis in coöperation with Social Welfare Coevorden; from saving and building marriages through the Marriage Course to training and encouraging churchleaders in Europe… we do this because God loves people and so do we!

A new building will help us facilitate all this. The new facility will have a capacity for 1500 seats. We build for the future with vision for growth. Build with us!

For more information, please visit

Where does the money collected from the DFC Mosaic go?

Net proceeds will be donated to De Fontein Coevorden for the sole purpose of building a new churchfacility.

How can I get my photo in the DFC Mosaic?

In order to get a photo of your choosing in the mosaic, you will need to donate €10 for each photo.

What kind of picture can I submit?

Any photo can be submitted provided it does not fall into one of the restrictions outlined in the terms and conditions. Suggestion: make a selfie with your hands forming a heartsymbol!

How long will DFC Mosaic sales run?

DFC Mosaic sales begin on May 27, 2016 and will run until Dec 31, 2017 unless they sell out sooner.

Can I purchase a photo as a gift for someone else?

Yes, you can purchase a photo as a gift. As you go through the purchase process, you will have the opportunity to check a box indicating that this is a gift. You will then be sent an email that you can forward to someone else, so that they can upload a photo of their choice..

Can I make a donation to this project without purchasing a photo?

Yes, to make a regular donation to the building project of De Fontein, please contact

What if you have not received an email after your donation, to upload your picture?

It could be that the email ended up in your spambox.

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